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How We Work

Supported by a team of administration, technical and underwriting specialists whose teamwork and follow-through are setting new standards of service excellence in building lifetime relationships. Dave is known for coining the term "Core then explore" with regards to building a comprehensive and balanced investment portfolio. The "Investor Policy Statement", and individual "Family Mission Statement" will form a part of your overall vision. The planning system starts with a ten minute "Personal Viewpoint" questionnaire. This unique planning system will put your affairs in order from peak earning years on through to estate preservation. Each client of ours has the

"My House is in order" booklet proving that you really do have your house in order.

Risk Management

Independent brokerage of Guaranteed Investment Funds, life, disability and critical illness insurances. Your family or business will be protected. We will assure you the retirement that you deserve.

Ongoing Portfolio management

Using Guaranteed Investment Funds to protect from probate, bankruptcy and they provide complete privacy. Segregated funds combine many of the features of a mutual fund, with elements of an insurance contract. They include guarantees and advantages that are not available with traditional mutual funds, and are only available for purchase through an insurance company. Yes we have ETF's.


Dave has been introduced as a trusted family friend with the knack to explain important and complicated financial matters in a simple way. He keeps it simple. After more than thirty years of serving families, Dave has created a "Value of advice" book series. The first becoming an Amazon #1 Best Seller. Whatever your stage of financial development, you will be thoroughly impressed! Dave Shortill is passionate about listening to your situation before prescribing solutions. His focus is on the family unit, business owners and professionals. Yeah since 1987.